Welcome to my ongoing travel & arts project.

The aim of this project is to document handmade art and the creative people behind it as I travel and explore why people far and wide are inspired to create, and what their personal outlet for expression means to them. 

So far this project features artists that I have interviewed across 8 countries in Europe. This website is a mark for the project's starting point, which I hope to grow and develop.

I was initially motivated to start this project out of curiosity for places, people and their ideas. I wanted to start travelling alone, and thought that this project would be a nice way to interact with local people and find organic artwork that I would otherwise have no means of discovering. 

I wanted to find fresh inspiration for my own creativity; I was hoping that through this project I would discover work and ideas that I hadn't come across before, and hoped that this would encourage me to fulfil any of my own ideas without fear of judgement or social rejection.

Featuring jewellery-makers to potters, painters to sculptors, I intend for this zine to show the utmost support for independent artists and handmade art, as well as being a space for creative and curious minds to discover new work. I hope that this project displays our ability to connect with each other through our creativity, and I hope that other people can seek inspiration and confidence in their own ideas through this.