Welcome to Teasle Koto - a little space to share the things I make.

I create paintings, illustrations, body-art, murals and dance choreography. 

My paintings and illustrations currently focus on nature, femininity, and the links between nature, femininity & growth. I have recently started a body painting series in tune with this theme, titled 'Our Botanic Bodies'. It is an attempt to showcase female nudity under the same light that people tend to view plants - naturally beautiful and appreciated for their range in size, shape and colour. 

My choreographic work tends to focus on intricacy and musicality, creating rhythmical patterns for the eye to follow. I also really love drawing movements from our natural body language; it's a language that I find fascinating in itself and appreciate its universal and instinctual understanding.

I usually like to improvise and create as I go along. I like to follow impulses in a free-feeling, therapeutic sort of way. I naturally turn to swirls and curves when drawing and painting, and releasing, flowing motions when moving. I believe in the power of art-therapy and using creativity and movement as a healthy outlet for expression.