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Sintya Milani

Slovenia designer Sintya creates unique jewellery made with gemstones and silver.

Sintya started working with gemstones at the age of 3; her father was an academic painter and imported gemstones to Slovenia from various different countries. 

Sintya is a very hands-on artist, she says that she's not much of a sketcher, and as soon as she sees or dreams her vision she wants to get making it straight away. She enjoys working in fashion styling, and gets a lot of requests to make jewellery for weddings.

'I love working with gems as I can feel their energy and empowerment. Gemstones both relax and empower me.

Each piece of jewellery I make has something it can contribute to the world. I choose to make art for women so that women can feel beautiful about themselves, I create each piece of unique art for a unique woman. Sometimes it takes so little to do so much.'

Gregor Sefran

Another unique jeweller found selling his work at his market stall in Ljubljana.

'I like being independent as I get to do things when I get the feeling to do it. When I make a piece it it difficult to make another one similar, that's what makes art art for me.

15 years ago I couldn't sell my work because everyone wanted something new, now I feel that handmade work is becoming appreciated again.'