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Petra Seveljevic

Petra creates pop art paintings - colourful acrylic on wood and canvas. She's crazy about superheros, space and animals. She describes herself as an Ecologist.

She says that she follows a natural path to create her work, and that creating calms her down.

'Everything has to come out through expression - anger, sadness, not just beauty. That's how we connect. Creativity is a part of every being. We are all creative, it's how we connect. People use the word 'creative' to describe themselves as if they are special, but we are all creative through everything we do.'

There are many beautiful people with beautiful stories inside, we have to be able to share. The beauty has to come out, that shit inside really needs to come out.'

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Irena Sophia

Irena draws and focuses a lot on female figures; for her it represents different archetypes. She feels open to people's individual interpretations of her work, and says that a lot of people come to her and tell them what her work means to them. She would never want to impose a definite view of what her work should mean to others. 

Irena studied at at Art Academy in Zagreb, and then went on to live and work in New York for 12 years before returning back home.

'It's human nature to be creative, isn't it? We need to be creative to sustain ourselves from inside. We're creative and curious. '


Marijeta's home gallery in Makarska

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Marijana creates textiles products such as accessories, pillow cases and zipper pouches. She was initially inspired by her friends grandmother who made tea towels. 

Marijana comes from a creative family, and was happy to discover she is creative too. She says that she finds the creative process liberating. 

'I still have room to improve, and liberate myself. For now I still have boundries, but I can understand the process. I'm inspired by home, and local surroundings. We share ideas and influence each other within my creative family. Creativity is one good side of humanity, it's nice to support local artist to help and contribute to the community in the bigger image.

People can be free, express and share thoughts through their art. The process of making is very rewarding, and the created product is even more rewarding.

You know when you're making stuff you're putting a part of yourself within it. it's worth more to me, there's a piece of soul there. People appreciate handmade!'

Marijeta Lozina

Marijeta creates a variety of different artworks including glass, canvas, paper, fabric and murals.

She started making art when she was very young, and had her first exhibition when she was just 12 years old. Later in life she pursued Art School, as well as working as a dance teacher. She then moved to the USA, and during her time here managed to pursue a number of creative outlets including photography, graphic design, acting school, directing furniture design, sewing school, and owning a artistic cake-making business!

'I think we are all born with a certain talent. None of us are stupid, we are just all differently made for different paths. We just have to find the talent that is already there. 

Usually we are more connected to the universe at children so the talents do spring out very early, but lots of us suppress it for whatever reason. I am not just talking about artists here, I am talking about doctors, mathematicians and so on too.'

Making people happy makes me happy. People are a part of this world and we should love what we are. Life is the way we see it and this world is a mirror of our own thoughts. We are all different, the beauty of difference creating balance. With that in mind, I create with love in my heart making art. 

My happiness is in the process of the creation. When the work is done, it is there for someone else for whatever the reason.

On my Instagram page it says "My point in art is only in it's creation, a keepsake for another, creating something other." - so the key word is creation, but it has to be filled with love, no matter what and where we are all coming from internally.

My goal right now isn't to be famous or popular. If I could make a single human happy by having a piece of my art on their wall, I have already succeeded. If it can make them happy every day, then it's continuity is alive like a clock that's ticking where time doesn't exist.

I do have many styles and ways I make art, because once I learn something I am eager to learn more and discover what else I can create. The pleasure is in the journey, more that the destination.

And I love music! Music is always there for me when I create - it is the art behind my art. Music is my sanctuary and I am so thankful for all the musicians that make me happy, that move me, that make me create.'

An extract from Marijeta's magazine:

What moves me: Pleasure in creation.

What makes me create: Love released from self.

What inspires me: Happiness and sadness...people the most.