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Laura - Clay Dance Ceramics

Within Brighton's creative den 'Indiemart', hides a pop up stall belonging to Laura of Clay Dance Ceramics.

Artist Laura creates a range of ceramic products including mugs, bowls and candle-holders. Her design inspiration comes from both colour, and her South African heritage.

Laura started to practice ceramics at night classes at the age of 19, and developed her skills during her Contemporary Crafts degree at University College Farmouth. She is now based in Brighton and produces work from her studio in Hove.

'Ceramics is a process, those that know of the process are the ones that tend to buy my work. It's a craft that you have to learn to master, and there are a variety of techniques you can learn - throwing to firing, for example. The process of creating is perhaps the most enjoyable part of being a ceramic artist for me, and I believe that the buyer can feel the difference between handmade and manufactured work' 

Photos taken by Dinah Kenyon

You can see more of Dinah's work or get in touch with her via

Dinah Kenyon

Within the quieter hustle and bustle of London, at Broadway Market's Saturday stall, I met Dinah Kenyon. Dinah is a print maker with a background in Photography. She creates prints, cards, notebooks and bunting. Her practice started at Dalston Print Club 2 years ago, and her designs tend to be mostly inspired by fauna. 

"I originally got into creating animal designs because of my interest in old prints, especially anatomical ones. I sometimes use vintage animal prints in my designs, either straight as in the foil-blocked ones, or digitally collaged in some of the screen-prints.

I was also using animals in some designs I had based on mythological creatures, for example, the mermaid card I designed which is the swimmer/actress Esther Williams with a mackerel tail.

I enjoy the processes I use, and going to various studios to use their facilities, at the moment I'm screen-printing at East London Printmakers, and foil-blocking and book-binding at London Centre for Book Arts."

Dinah is now on maternity leave since December 2016, but after that she hopes to broaden her work by making larger prints and involving collage later in the process.