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Made of Love's  creations, found at a little market stall in the heart of Budapest.

Made of Love's range of jewellery is made using old papers - stamps, letters, books, money, newspapers - some papers dating back to as far as 1777. Selected parts of the papers are then pressed under glass and framed with copper to create items such as broaches, earrings and hair-pins. 

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Szolnoki Agnes


Szolnoki creates work with etching and water colour paint, she sells her bird designs to a bird garden charity project called MME.

'Paintings just happen with me. One time I stared a painting I didn't like so I put it away, I came back to it one week later and I saw something in it I didn't see before, I found myself in it and created something new. This method is like meditation to me.'

'Creating helps us to survive the week days, I often realise that I'm mostly in this kind of world and not the real makes me happy. For me it's a good solution.'



Emoke Vorus


Artist Emoke Voros' creates work using copper and enamel - her designs are handpainted and focus on spirals, old symbols and colour.

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