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Jürgen Moll

Jürgen is originally from Germany but I met him at his temporary stall by Lake Garda, Italy, where he comes each Summer to find the time and space to make his art.
Jürgen describes his work to be of no exact style, he uses paint freely on different materials such as wood, canvas and old olive-oil pressers (big circular discs of spiralled rope-like fabric). We spoke mostly through translation, apart from a few times when he replied to me in English;
"Sometime when I have no time for painting, I have a feel in the fingers to make it"

italy wood sculptor.jpg

You can get in touch with Luciana about her work at

Luciana Gaspari

Luciana Gaspari collects pieces of broken wood and turns them into the first image she sees - she paints on details, and makes no alterations to the wood, enhancing it's natural shape and imagery.

The wood that Luciana uses is from River Po, the longest river in Italy. She finds the wood at the end of the river, just before it flows into the sea, where there is a huge gathering of broken pieces.

You can get in touch with Luigi about his work at or visit his website

Luigi Rubino

In attempt to transmit what he feels inside his imagination, his dreams and through looking at nature, artist Luigi creates abstract paintings using his hands, brushes and spatulas to form a mix of shapes and warm tones. I met Luigi at his temporary stall by Lake Garda, where he displayed a range of paint-on-canvas works. 


Roberto Lando


Roberto finds old instruments that no longer serve a purpose and uses them in his work in an effort to give them a new life. 

The work in the bottom image is made by painting colour onto fabric and spraying with fire to create the abstract shapes and patterns. Roberto spoke about how he doesn't think when he makes his work, because "if you think, you make something that already exists"

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